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About Rob Inglis
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Tarot Readings
Rob works exclusively with the Thoth Tarot, a richly beautiful deck which also contains astrological information and symbols. It also depicts symbology from many great historical cultures and a wide spectrum of spiritual traditions. It was conceived and created in the 1940's and it is still unfolding its secrets for us in the new millenium. Rob's style of reading is non-judgemental, going beyond concepts of good and bad, helping you to truly see into your essential gifts and your challenges.

The card on the right is the Ace of Discs and is widely interpreted to represent the primary energy of material success. When one draws this card it can symbolize a positive outcome in terms of money or investments or success with future goals. However it also has a deeper meaning which relates directly to Value as a spiritual quality. It asks the person to take a more profound look at what Value is in their life. Where does it arise from? Is it possible to actually feel the radiant quality of pure value on a soul level? Pure Value really exists within oneself, independant of one's accomplishments, what others think of us, or our bank account balance. Can a Tarot reading get you in touch with this energy? Yes. Rob has helped many to actually get in touch with their soul qualities through Tarot explorations.
Awareness is the single most important key to real inner work. It brings focus and presence into our lives and allows us to see and experience our essential qualities. The more we can access our awareness the richer our lives become. Tarot is a symbolic language which brings clarity and insight
to all aspects of our lives
The Tarot deck is an ancient book of wisdom, symbolizing four major aspects of human existence:

Material Realm, including the element of Earth, the physical body, beauty, health, finances, material possessions, symbolized by the suite of Discs. Rob can give insight into this area of your life, showing you how and where to focus for maximum growth. Your greatest potential may lie in a certain direction, but how to find that direction can be difficult because of lack of objectivity. A compassionate guide can be extremely helpful an this area.

Emotional Realm, including the element of Water, relationships, the ever changing landscape of feelings, symbolized by the suite of Cups. Rob can help you to become more aware of your feelings and at the same time begin to understand that these everyday feelings are a gateway to inner riches unimagined. For example, the Essence of Strength shows up as anger if not deeply embodied.
1/2 Hour Tarot Reading ~ $40 Cdn

1 Hour Tarot Reading $80 Cdn Over one hour charged at $1.50 per minute.

For a $5 fee any reading can be recorded to a CD.
Queen of Discs ~ Painting by Rob Inglis
Mental Realm, represented by the element of Air and the suit of Swords, thought processes, patterns of thinking, both positive and negative, the inner critic. Finding freedom from the negative inner voice is a specialty. Rob has helped many people understand and find a space that is clear of the negative inner voice. Thoughts and belief systems are always changing. You can change mental habits and limiting belief systems. Rob can help you to get a better sense of focus in a world of distractions.

Ace of Discs ~ Thoth Tarot
Spiritual Realm, symbolized by the suit of Swords and the element of Fire, is about cultivating Pure Awareness and transcending self centered thoughts and feelings. If you are interested in getting some real direction in your spiritual journey, or some clarity on your particular path, Rob can help. His way of working is both compassionate and insightful.
Ace of Cups ~ Painting by Rob Inglis
Rob offers personal, skype & phone consultations.
Office located near Broadway & Cambie St,
Vancouver, BC. For an appointment please
call 778-960-6312 or e-mail