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About Rob Inglis
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Tarot for my soul....a visit to Rob Inglis is like a meditation class & insight into my life?s path all in one. If you would like a tarot reading Rob is the real deal!
~ Andrea Piazza, Rochester, NY
Rob had obviously spent a lot of time getting my chart together and then studying it. In his coherent summary I understood what areas of my life needed more attention; which sails to trim, which to let out, so to speak. Rob shared his insights from my chart in a calm relaxed setting. I left with a real sense of stability, knowing what was important for me to work on.
~ Michele Mendina, Rochester, NY
I have had a reading from Rob as well as taken a Tarot class with him. The reading was amazing and very accurate. The Thoth Tarot class I took was very insightful and Rob?s spiritual interpretation of the cards was right on. Rob has certainly broadened my horizons
in the spiritual realm, and I am eagerly looking forward to taking an Astrology class with
~ Paula Sheran, Rochester, NY
Rob?s readings are a balm for my soul. He expresses wise and keen insights with depth and compassion which allow me to see my life from a higher and gentler perspective. I am now able to let go of past concerns, and accept life?s events as meaningful and evolutionary. I am more at peace.
~ Linda Hilliker , Rochester, NY
These comments are from real people, most of them residing in Rochester NY, where Rob lived before returning to Vancouver, BC. Many of his clients come to him based on recommendations from other people.
Our relationship has been renewed and we were very grateful to Rob for his help in getting us to a place of clearer and more compassionate communication. His Astrology readings were astoundingly accurate and his counselling was wise, humourous, and very helpful.
~ Catherine & Doug Patterson, New York City, NY
Ace of Cups ~ Thoth Tarot
Ace of Swords ~ Thoth Tarot
Rob has done readings at The Crystal Ark on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC; Stargazers in Bellevue, WA; The Source in Toronto, Ont; and Essentialz in Rochester, NY. He has done private readings in Toronto, New York City, Seattle, and Rochester, NY. His firmly held commitment to helping people see their lives more clearly and cultivate compassion for themselves and others is a major moving force in his life.
Many of Rob's clients are professional people and a large percentage are in counselling work, including therapists and students of psychology. He has also worked with people of all walks of life: artists, office workers, musicians, entrepeneurs. His insights and suggestions have been helpful for those seeking direction in the business world as well. Over the years he has developed a natural Truthsense, coming from a combination of intuition, reading a person's energy, and his knowledge of scientific and psychological principals. He is available for business meetings and contract negotiations.
Rob offers personal, skype & phone consultations.
Office located near Broadway & Cambie St,
Vancouver, BC.

For an appointment
please call 778-960-6312
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