Rob has helped thousands of people with his unique readings over the past twenty years. He is committed to providing compassionate insight and clarity, helping each person to access their own innate wisdom. His readings can focus on material, emotional or spiritual levels, giving insight into belief patterns and paths toward positive change.

His background includes more than twenty years of in-depth study and readings using the richly symbolic Thoth Tarot deck. Rob first encountered the Thoth Tarot deck in 1972, a few years after it
was first published. Angeles Arrien, in her ground breaking work, "The Tarot Handbook," claims that the Thoth Tarot can be used by individuals to explore their "psycho-mythology. She uses three interconnected terms in her introduction to the book. These are: Logos, the inherent wisdom of the psyche; Eros, the inherent love nature of the psyche; Mythos, the inherent life purpose or mythology of each individual. Over the years Rob has expanded his understanding of this infinitely rich Tarot deck and now teaches classes so that others can benefit from its synchronistic wisdom.

Greatly influenced by the teaching and writings of Liz Greene, a highly respected psychological astrologer, he has been studying and practicing Astrology for more than fifteen years. Rob practices Acausal Astrology, a term he created to describe his way of working with individual charts. Basically Acausal Astrology states that there are no seperate "things" such as planets influencing, or people being influenced. The Universe is One, an ever changing flow, sometimes called the Tao, or The Way, beyond time and space, and within this One there are no seperate things or entities. Archetypal planetary energies exist within you. You can learn to access these different parts of yourself at will, once you are attuned to their energies. For example, you can actually experience and embody your Venus energy, which is nothing other than the pure flow of Love. You can access your Jupiter energy, which exists as pure Joy and a feeling of expansion and optimism. Mars, of course, is boundless Strength which, if truly embodied, doesn't need to show up as aggression.

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About Rob Inglis
Rob has been practicing Zen meditation for 35 years with several respected teachers, including Roshi Philip Kapleau, Toni Packer, Albert Low, Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede and Robert Aitken Roshi. He has also studied Mythology, Symbology, Jungian and transpersonal psychology. He is currently engaged in HeartBridge work, a new path which is unfolding and being used to help people connect to the flow of Love Essence.

He has also practiced the insight methods of Douglas Harding (the Headless Way) for four decades and is now offering workshops and individual sessions in ?Seeing for Yourself?. Pointing directly at our true nature, which is timeless capacity for all existence, these methods have helped many people awaken to their true self. For more information on this Way of direct seeing please go to

He tries to avoid using terms like "psychic", "spirit guides", or "channeling" because he believes that they are surface explanations of a more profound reality that is absolute Oneness. True seeing is available to us all if we explore deeply enough. We don't need to contact other dimensions, or other beings of light and wisdom.

Its all right here, right now, in the moment we awaken to our True Nature.
Rob has travelled extensively, doing readings in Toronto, Vancouver, Rochester NY, Seattle, and New York City. He currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada and offers a wide range of services, including Tarot and Astrology readings, meditation guidance, and spiritual counselling. He specializes in working with the inner critic and learning to get free of its negative, self-limiting voice.

Simple non-sectarian meditation has been proved to help people on many levels. It can help to quiet the chatter in the mind, allowing you to be more present in your life. You may notice, after practicing for a while, that your experience of life is more in focus. You may find greater creativity or mental alertness. Freedom from negative thoughts has been scientifically proven to benefit mental health.
Zen meditation at the bell, waiting for a meeting with the teacher.
Self portrait, including all levels of being, human and universal. Inner levels such as cellular and sub atomic are not shown. Notice the lack of anything right here, where others see my head.
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