At the unique moment of your birth the configuration of the planets (natal chart) was also unique, one off, never to be repeated. Your body/ mind was not affected
by those planetary was and is them, no separation. That's how and why Astrology works, both as a science and an art, for it is both.

Rob's way of working with both Tarot and Astrology goes beyond such terms as good and bad. Your chart shows a beautiful and unique person, it reveals your gifts and challenges. It can help open you to your inner Essence.

Call today for an appointment, bringing a unique experience into your life which can be both insightful and healing.
Astrology Readings
Rob is deeply committed to helping you understand and see into your essential self, not just your personality. Based on your birth chart or transit chart, his readings link the planet and its energy directly to an aspect of your soul or spiritual nature, your true self. Rob can help you understand and connect with these powerful and amazing energies. You can begin to use them in daily life. A good Astrology reading should be of practical significance, going beyond personality descriptions and fortune telling.
Thanks to quantum physics we are beginning to understand that Universe and Consciousness are inextricably connected. Of course the great mystics and
spiritual teachers have been experiencing this Oneness for millennia. In Astrological terms, you and the Solar system are an absolute Unity, beyond cause and effect.
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Astrology ~ Art & Science
"Destiny is for people who are too lazy to create alternate timelines." -R. Stevens

Rob is available for Astrology readings by appointment either in person or by phone or skype session. Consultations are one hour and a half and include a 20 page written report and an MP3 file or CD of the session. The sessions are recorded and transfered to a CD at no extra charge.
Rob works with each unique individual on the level which best suits them. An Astrological Birth Chart is so rich and multi-faceted that one could easily spend a lifetime studying and learning from it. If you are interested in your psychological and spiritual essence, your gifts and challenges, and what "makes you who you are", then you would probably do well to look into your birth chart, before getting a transits reading.

Transit readings show you what the planetary energies are at any given time. This is predictive astrology.

If you are wondering how best to relate to your child, Rob is highly skilled at showing you how to understand your children and develop deep compassion for them, based on direct non-judgemental seeing.

Many people in both Canada and the US have consulted Rob as an Astrologer and some have shared their impressions . Please go to the Testimonials section to read these.
Rob's Birth Chart
 Nebula painting by Rob Inglis
Rob has coined a new term to describe his unique way of working with Astrology: a-causal, or non-causal. Most astrologers speak of causes and effects: Here there is a person and way out there are giant spheres called planets and, in some mysterious way they affect this little human being, here on Earth, both at birth and throughout his or her life. So the planet and its position is the cause and the human being experiences the effects. This is a false separation.
Rob offers personal & phone consultations.
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