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Rob offers six week classes in Astrology and Tarot once a week. Advanced courses are available to those who have completed the basic class. Students will be limited to small numbers as this facilitates deeper learning. Each course includes personal readings and interpretations by Rob for each student. Tarot students will need to purchase a Thoth Tarot deck and a book before the start of the class. Astrology students will receive a free 25 page personal report.
Classes will be held at Rob's office near Cambie St and Broadway, Vancouver, BC. Options are available
to hold classes at student's homes if a group of friends want to get together and host the course.
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Heirophant ~ The Teacher
These classes are fun and fascinating and your intuition will be greatly enhanced by the end of the course. The Thoth Tarot is amazingly rich and evocative in its use of symbology. Rob has devised a system of memory aids to assist in learning the basic meanings of the cards. You will find the meanings of the cards come easier as you learn to access and trust your own inner wisdom.

Rob has evolved a whole new way to teach Astrology based on his acausal system. Basic energies and archetypes are revealed and can help you in daily life. During the learning process you will get more focus and learn the importance of attention in the moment.

All classes are 2 to 2 1/2 hours long and are held on weekday evenings.

Cost is $200 per course, payable in advance.

Rob is available for parties and large gatherings. For obvious reasons longer and deeper readings cannot be accomodated during these types of events.
If you would like a free demonstration reading before deciding whether to proceed, that can easily be arranged.

Readings at parties and large gatherings are fairly informal and Rob usually keeps each reading to a fifteen minute maximum so that all can be accomodated. Individual questions are encouraged and interpretations
tend toward the lighter side, since humour is an important factor in any type of communication. Rob brings a bit of lightness and enlightenment to each person's reading.
The Magician, Mercury,
Communication, the Mind
Inviting Rob to your party will make it an unforgettable experience for all. He has done parties at large events such as Art Museum opening nights where his readings were very popular.

Public talks on Tarot and Astrology and their relevance for our lives are available and Rob can travel to any location in the lower mainland to give a professional and fascinating presentation. Cost is $200 for a two hour talk with projected slide show including original symbolic spiritual art by Rob Inglis.

For more information & rates please contact Rob Inglis at 778-960-6312 or
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